Developing treatment for
eye infection

Adenovir Pharma

Adenovir Pharma AB is a development company developing new solutions for treatment of infectious diseases affecting the eyes.

Adenovir Pharma was founded by researchers at the department of Virology, Umeå University, Sweden and P.U.L.S. AB which acts as an incubator and financer for early stage projects within life science. Adenovir Pharma is located in Helsingborg Sweden in one of Europe’s premier biotechnology regions, Medicon Valley. The initial development has been conducted at the University of Lund, Department of Organic Chemistry and at the University of Umeå, Department of Virology and in collaboration with P.U.L.S. AB and external service providers.

With unique patented technology and own product concepts, Adenovir Pharma aim to offer new treatments and business development opportunities to the pharmaceutical industry. The goal is to develop a new antiviral medicinal product for the treatment and prevention of epidemic keratoconjunctivities (EKC).

Disease Focus/Customer Focus

Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, EKC, is a serious viral  eye infection.  EKC is a highly contagious disease that can be found all over the world, but is more common in heavily populated countries in Asia. Adenovirus conjunctivitis is particularly problematic in Japan where there are about one million cases of EKC each year. EKC is a disease where there is a lack of effective treatment and it represents a large unmet medical need.


The aim is to develop a new antiviral medicinal product for the treatment of EKC. The strategy is to develop the product up to a Ph IIa clinical study and clinical Proof-of-Concept and continue further development up to approval with a partner.

Technology Platform

The aim is develop a topical pharmaceutical product preventing certain adenoviruses from binding to the receptors in the human eye. By using Adenovir Pharma’s unique proprietary technology, the viruses are aggregated and inhibited from binding to and infecting human corneal cells. The product acts outside the human cells, and there is low risk for development of viral resistance.

Development to date

Adenovir Pharma has developed a new compound which has been in vitro tested, conducted pre-clinical toxicity studies, filed a new patent application, completed formulation and GMP-production and completed a Ph I clinical study which concluded APD -209 is safe and well tolerated.  A double blind clinical Ph IIa study in EKC patients is currently ongoing.


Results from the Ph IIa clinical study are expected in 2015.