The Board

stefan-appelgrenStefan Appelgren (Chairman):
Former Senior Vice President Finance & Business Administration of Pharmacia Consumer Healthcare. Chairman of Adenovir Pharma AB, LIDDS AB, Ellen AB and Ellen Asia Ltd. Former chairman of Ambria Dermatology AB.

niklas-arnbergNiklas Arnberg, PhD:
Professor, Dept. of Virology, Inst. Of Clinical Microbiology, University of Umeå, Sweden. Discovered that sialic acid is the receptor for certain adenoviruses and defended his doctorial thesis in this subject in 2001. Arnberg has continued his research within this field.

lennart-bruceLennart Bruce, PhD:
PhD, Former Senior Vice President Corporate Development at Biovitrum and Vice President Global Licensing at Pharmacia Corp. Board member of AcuCort AB, Adenovir Pharma AB and Laccure AB. Member of PULS Investment Committee.

William GunnarssonWilliam Gunnarsson:
Worked within the pharmaceutical industry since 1973, e.g. Bristol Myers and Nobel Pharma. 1990 he founded Orphan Europe Sarl in Paris France. The company is today a part of the Recordati Group in Italy. Today he serves on the Boards of several start up companies, e.g. Axentua Pharmaceutical, Laccure, Premacure and Synphora in Sweden.

Mats LidgardMats Lidgard, LLP:
Senior Partner in the human ven­ture capital company Lavindia AB. Previously active in such organisations as the Pharmacia Group, Active Biotech AB and SBL Vaccin AB as General Counsel and various other executive positions. Board member of Cebix AB, Jatab Care AB, Scandinavian Biopharma Holding AB and Synphora AB.

goran-wadellGöran Wadell, MD, PhD:
Professor, Dept. of Virology, Inst. of Clinical Microbiology, University of Umeå, Sweden. One of the most well-known researchers on adenoviruses worldwide.

Karin WingstrandKarin Wingstrand, M.Sc.:
Extensive senior experience of pharmaceutical research and development. Most recently as Global Head and Vice President Clinical Development within AstraZeneca and before that as Global Head and Vice President Pharmaceutical and Analytical R&D, AstraZeneca. Presently Advisor within Life Science and Board member of T-bolaget AB and Sahlgrenska Forskningsstiftelsen. PULS Partner and board member of PULS AB.

kjell-obergKjell Öberg, PhD (Deputy board member):
Kjell Öberg, PhD. Business consultant that works with the development of and commersialisation of research based startup companies, former CEO in Likvor AB, Nordic ChemQuest AB and business coach at Uminova Innovation.

The management team

bjorn-dellergrenBjörn Dellgren:
M.Sc.(BA). Former Partner at BankInvest, Denmark and have worked with international biotech venture investments and fund management since 2000. Previous Director of Business Development at Pharmacia and various international positions in sales, marketing and business management at Pharmacia and the American pharmaceutical company, Lederle. Currently board member in Cernelle AB, Sweden, previous board member in Cellectis SA, France and CMC Biologics, Denmark.

CEO/Project leader for Adenovir Pharma AB.