Update: Clinical and product development


APD-209 is Adenovir Pharma’s lead candidate for treatment of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis – an eye infection caused by adenovirus – a worldwide health problem which today lacks efficient treatment. The product is topical pharmaceutical product preventing EKC-causing adenoviruses from binding to the receptors in the human eye. The adenoviruses are aggregated and inhibited from binding to and infecting human corneal cells. A second group of novel adenovirus binding molecules has been developed and evaluated during as a second-generation program. APD-514 is the lead candidate developed out of this program and it inhibits adenoviral infection.

A multi-center randomized double-masked placebo-controlled Phase 2a clinical study with APD-209 in EKC patients has been completed. The Phase 2a clinical study with APD-209 did not give a conclusive result as the evaluable patients who met the inclusion criteria proved to be too few to show statistically significant efficacy. On the other hand, the results pointed to a number of positive trends, a decrease of the amount of virus in tear fluid as well as several important clinical symptoms and support the product hypothesis. The study also gave Adenovir Pharma many good insights and pointed to the product’s potential.

The results from the clinical development of APD-209 and the preclinical development of APD-514 shows promising results and potential for providing safe and effective therapeutics and/or medical device products to help patient suffering from EKC.

The board and team management of Adenovir Pharma are now focusing on identifying suitable partners that can realize the potential and strengthen further clinical and product development.